The Founders of the Village with Mayor Bowser at Union Market StreetFest

The Founders of the Village with Mayor Bowser at Union Market StreetFest

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Mahammad Mangum is the Creative Director of the Village Cafe. He is responsible for leading workshops, events and expanding the aesthetic of The Village brand. After studying History at Monterey Peninsula College in Monterey, California, Mahammad gained a passion for film and education. He founded an educational platform called Tekaland, a platform to premiere a documentary series for youth and create more engaging documentaries to use as an educational tool in Washington, DC. Mahammad brings a strong desire to influence life culture in urban cities, and his innovative styles and experience in media will help The Village Cafe reach and impact broad ranges of audiences through creative events and workshops.

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Emily Dominga

Ryan Williams is the Culinary Director of the Village Cafe. Ryan oversees the conceiving, coordinating, and development of the culinary program. After serving an integral role with the non-profit Brainfood and working with local Chef Nick Stefanelli throughout high school, Ryan’s path led him to The Culinary Institute of America in New York where he learned to harness his natural talent for cooking. Growing up in Ward 8 Washington, DC, Ryan has personally felt the lack of quality food sources in the place he calls home. His experience and passion for the culinary arts fuels his strong desire to bring people in his city together through food at The Village.

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Wayne Alexander

Kevon King is the Executive Director of the Village Cafe. Kevon is responsible for outreach for The Village and leads the administration, programs and strategic plans. Kevon has spent some time studying Business Administration at Virginia and Bowie State Universities, gained experience in youth mentoring with the First Baptist Church of Petersburg, served his community through volunteering with the non-profit Bread For the City, and gained years of business management experience at top companies, including Sweetgreen and Chipotle along the way. Kevon uses his experiences in food and business management and growing up in Southeast Wards 7 and 8 to help The Village thrive as a hub where food, business and creatives meet.